Non EU citizens

Immigration and Residence permits in Latvia.

Non EU citizens

Non EU citizens have to fulfil one of the below criteria.

The Investor, spouse and minor children, as well as dependants may apply for the residence permit valid for the period of 5 years.

After a lapse of five years, the temporary residence permit (TRP) may be extended.

TRP grants an investor the right to work in Latvia*;

TRP is also granted to an investor’s family members;

TRP does not oblige an investor and members to reside permanently in Latvia;

TRP is issued for a period of five years;

TRP shall be registered annually;

Please fill out the Latvia Residency Evaluation Form. Click on the link!

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Investment in Real Estate Investment amount Latvia min.amount is € 250.000 + 5% state fee and processing fees. S-Baltic will assist the Investor in the process.e-mail us.  Government Bond Investment Investment amount Bonds € 250.000 Term 5 Years + € 38.000 to the state budget. 5 Years ID cards! S-Baltic will assist the Investor in the process.e-mail us.  Investment   in a Business Investment amount from € 50.000 + € 10.000 to the state budget. S-Baltic will assist the Investor in the process. Board member option.e-mail us.

As a new Resident you and your Family* will receive an EU national ID card instead of the insert in our Passport (*Spouse, children and dependent).

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